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Title: SMW for dummies
Post by: JeRRy86 on July 18, 2010, 04:21:43 pm
Hello there. I'd like to introduce SMW for dummies.
This (team)hack is about making new players learn the basics of SMW.

The project leader is SMWC user Devann.
Other participants of this hack:
HyperShadow32- Is a secondary level designer, and also will add some finishing touches, and has made some palettes.
mockingod- Is the main beta tester for the hack, and gives good ideas for it, and also explains how to do some stuff.
MarioEdit- Is the ASM guy, he add's all the patches and codes stuff.
FUGGNUTZ- Make a thread in SMWC for this
Synchronizer- Beta tester, not sure if he was involved in other things, but I thought he made a level.
JeRRy86- Making this thread(obviously), beta testing, making a level for world 3.

Worlds are going to have themes.
World 1 has a basic theme.
World 2 has a Yoshi theme.
World 3 has a Climbing Net/Duck Sliding theme.
World 4 has a more advanced basic theme.
World 5 has a more skilled theme. This will recap everything you learned.
World S - this world will have levels that introduce blocks and sprites and things that are custom, to teach them how to play other hacks. We might even go over Kaizo a little bit. But I wouldn't hold my breath over that. Everything is still a work in progress.

Here is a video of the first level:

Here is a video of the second level:

A video of the YSP:

And here is a video of the title screen:

Link to SMWC thread (

...And thats pretty much it. Go wild.